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Genetic testing can reveal really important information that someone might not otherwise know… Our assessments determine whether a patient is a carrier of a hereditary cancer syndrome and whether they’re likely to develop a certain type of cancer themselves. The tests also inform medical follow-up…  Genetic assessment also can help patients determine what treatments may be most effective, their risk of developing other cancers and whether family members have an increased cancer risk.”

John Lee, MS

Program Manager, Genetic Counselor, Cedars-Sinai Samuel Oschin Comprehensive Cancer Institute


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For Immediate Release October 7, 2019


On September 27, 2019 Department of Justice Office of Public Affairs reported that a Federal law enforcement action involving genetic testing of elderly patients nationwide that resulted in charges against 35 individuals responsible for over $2.1 billion in fraudulent Medicare billing in one of the largest health care fraud schemes ever charged.

The report details the names of dozens of cancer genetic testing laboratories in four states and the names of 35 individuals and doctors that were involved in the investigation and charged with fraud for medically unnecessary testing. Nowhere amongst those charged or investigated was US Health Fairs mentioned in any report. Neither US Health Fairs, its affiliates, its medical professionals nor its doctors were investigated nor were they charged in the fraud scheme that federal agents shut down.

US Health Fairs uses its own separate network of laboratories to process genetic tests. The preventive health agency does not work with any laboratories that are the subject of federal investigations. US Health Fairs immediately ceases any business dealings with any laboratory that ever becomes the subject of any Federal investigations. US Health Fairs also ceases to do business with any laboratories that become financially insolvent or that delay the testing of or damage any genetic samples.

As a result of US Health Fairs strict policies of cooperation and coworking with laboratories, there was a delay in the completion of 175 tests performed during the summer of 2019. The company stopped using a lab that no longer qualified to work with US Health Fairs and demanded the return of its test specimens. US Health Fairs resubmitted those tests to another lab in its network for processing. This has caused an appropriate delay in the delivery of genetic test results to some 175 waiting patients who were tested during the summer months of 2019.

US Health Fairs is a non-profit organization that is committed to preventive health education. The agency performs outreach at hundreds of community events to teach the public about the risks of various diseases that are passed between family members. US Health Fairs offers no cost genetic health screenings to determine if there is any medical risk of genetically transmitted diseases and conditions. When patients heed the information that they learn from US Health Fairs, they can reduce their risk of contracting these diseases and live longer healthier lives.

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