About Us

Who we Are

US Health Fairs sponsors and produces health fairs to share valuable preventive health information to all members of the community.

We educate people that it is important to be proactive about being aware of potential health risks that are not obviously apparent.


We offer people no-cost health screenings that will enable them to take early action to prevent health issues from developing into a devastating health crisis.

Our health fairs focus on accomplishing the following:

  • Promote good health
  • Provide screening services for our community (and follow-up when screenings indicate further testing is required)
  • Utilize health care professionals to identify potential health-related problems that can be eliminated or prevented from becoming serious if properly treated
  • Provide our community with a variety of health education, information and resources
  • Emphasize the practice of good health habits

Staffers & Volunteers Working For Our Mission

Preventive Health Education is Our Mission

Volunteers & Medical Professionals Providing Education

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