US Health partnered with the American Nut to relieve some of the worry among employees and protect the entire staff by providing onsite COVID-19 testing.  The US Health medical outreach team will test any patients who have may have been exposed to COVID-19 through community spread at no out of pocket cost to the patient.

According to the CDC Priorities, to get tested for Coronavirus in Los Angeles and the surrounding counties you had to exhibit symptoms of fever, coughing and shortness of breath. You had to be considered a PRIORITY 1 or PRIORITY 2 patient

At American Nut’s employee COVID-19 testing site, everyone will be tested. Even if you are not demonstrating symptoms, you will be able to get a Coronavirus test, because of the generosity of your employer and the non-profit US Health making their resources available for your health and safety.

Your sample will be processed by FDA Approved LabCorp and Fulgent Genetics Clinical Laboratory and your results delivered to you privately by the laboratory and/or our staff. If you test positive for COVID-19 then your results will also be logged and transmitted to your employer, the LA County Department of Public Health and the CDC, as required.

LabCorp and Fulgent laboratories test for COVID-19 with FDA approval under the emergency use authorization (EUA), as permitted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

“I was exposed to a Coronavirus patient at work in a healthcare facility. Then I didn’t feel comfortable hugging my children until I got tested. They sent me my results the next night by text. I tested negative and that night I got to kiss my husband.”
Ebony H.

Los Angeles, CA



COVID-19 testing is free of charge, provided by American Nut, who partnered with US Health Fairs to set-up a testing site at the office in Carson, to evaluate and test you for SARS-CoV2. Results will be sent to you in 4-5 days. Click “Book A Test Today” below and follow all the next instructions. Your appointment is not confirmed until you complete the forms and they are submitted.

US Health Clinics’ medical outreach team will meet patients in a designated area at the office to test people in small groups of 10.  At the time of testing a specimen will be collected by US Health Fairs trained staff and sent to LabCorp or Fulgent Genetics, the laboratories providing testing for COVID-19.

US Health Clinics is a licensed medical clinic NPI #1962044479. All patient information is protected according to HIPAA compliance. This website is SSL secure and all of your personal information is protected under HIPAA Compliance.

As a new patient, it is necessary that you complete your patient information form, with all of your personal & medical information, just as you would at every other doctor’s office or any hospital.



Insurance Coverage

March 18, 2020 Congress passed a law that Coronavirus

treatment is supposed to be covered by all insurance plans.

US Health is an “out-of-network provider”.

Your insurance company will reimburse us for the 

cost of your test and results. If you do not have any

insurance, Medi-Cal will cover the cost for your

COVID-19 test. We are doing our best to help.  

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