Frequently Asked Questions About Health Fair Programs

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General Questions

What is US Health Fairs?

US Health Fairs is a non-profit organization with a mission to educate people about the benefits of preventative health measures. We focus on prevention, rather than treatment for inherited diseases such as Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Cholesterol Artery Disease. As a non-profit organization US Health Fairs is able to provide no-cost preventative cancer screenings to the members of your community.

Why do we host Health Fairs?

We host Health Fairs to educate your small community about the latest methods to prevent cancer, slow down cancer or at least detect it very-very early. The earlier the better, right?

What time are Health Fairs usually held?

The health fair would be held at any convenient time between the hours of 10 AM and 5 PM.

What types of tests will be done?

We will only perform tests that are medically necessary. Primarily a family cancer syndrome test. That determines if you have any genetic mutations that would lead to an increased risk of certain cancers. Alzheimer’s gene test. And a test for Cholesterol Artery Disease that leads to increased risk of heart attacks.

How long will each test take?

The test takes about 30 seconds, we simply use a cotton swab in their mouths. The screening questionnaires take about 5 minutes.

When should we expect to get results back?

Participants will receive information from us within a month. We will also forward the results to their primary care physician (PCP).

Can they test for other diseases?

Yes, if it is medically necessary. Two other big ones we test for are cholesterol artery disease and Alzheimer’s

What would be required from my organization, other than spacing, to participate?

Two folding tables and some chairs is all we ask you to provide. We will do the rest.

What kinds of doctors and medical professionals would you be providing?

Our staff physicians are general internists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants
licensed with the State of California medical board.

Are there any sort of penalties if my organization were to cancel?

None there is no financial obligation to you or your members.

How is this actually free? Is this legal?

We are a volunteer organization. Companies donate their services and their employees to work our health fairs. We also get grants to cover the rest of the costs. 

Of course it is legal and our medical professionals are licensed with the appropriate State of California Medical Boards.

How old do you have to be to get tested?

Under 70 years of age.

Who can get tested?

Everyone can get screened. Our medical professionals will determine if there is a medical necessity for certain people to be tested. There is a difference between the screening questionnaire and cancer testing.

Why should we participate? What's in it for us?

As an organization, you want to provide the best resources to your members. We are providing education that can save your people’s lives and it will not cost you a dime. Why would you ever refuse to share this information with them?

How long has USHF been in business?

It is almost our first anniversary.

Who is USHF affiliated with?

We are an independent non-profit just like the American Cancer Society, we have supporters who help us accomplish our mission to educate people on preventive health measures.

What certifications/credentials does USHF have?

Our medical professionals are fully licensed with the State of California.

Why is USHF doing this?

Our founders have unfortunately experienced members of their family and friends pass due to cancer because they were not proactive about their health, so they set up this charity with a mission to educate people that prevention is better than reaction. If we save at least one life it was all worth it.

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