You Received A Registration Email From Fulgent Genetics

Follow the instruction to establish a password, then use your email to login again to:

Fulgent Genetics is our laboratory partner using the CDC approved RT-PCR testing method and providing COVID-19 testing for Departments of Health all across the US.

STEP 1: Sites & Locations

The System “Dashboard” opens and the name of your work “Site” will be visible with statistics from any testing that you have completed. Sites can have multiple locations, so always choose your “Location” on any page you are working.

On the Left-Hand Menu choose “Site Management”, then “Locations” to add additional Locations, when necessary.

Logging in will open the Dashboard. Navigate using the Left Menu

STEP 2: Employees & Patients

Under the “Site Management” Menu choose “Add Employee.”

Now you only have to REGISTER ONCE and you can test as often as necessary. Regularly used types include: Employees, Contractors, and Residents (for Patients).

Choose the appropriate Type. Enter their Email Address. Click “Submit”.

Use the Pop-Up Window to choose “EDIT” to complete the registration or choose “Send Edit URL” & “CLOSE” to email an Employee who will complete their own registration.

 Choose EDIT to Complete the Registration Process

 “EDIT” will open the first of 5 windows to complete the registration form. Answer ALL questions on each window or the registration will be incomplete and testing will not proceed.

Complete the registration process by answering all questions.


STEP 3: Manage Edit Review Employees

While testing you may be notified that an Employee registration is incomplete and cannot be tested until the profile is complete.

Incomplete employee information will interrupt testing.

Use the Left Menu, select “Employees” to make corrections or complete an incomplete registration (Missing Profile). Use the 3-Dot Right Menu to “Remove” (Delete) an Employee or Send an “Edit URL” email with a link for the Employee to edit their own profile.

Use the right menu to make changes to Employee Registrations


STEP 4: Begin COVID Testing-Screening

On the Left Menu Select “Screenings”, then choose “On-Site Activation”. Each testing session requires you to create a “New Shipping Bag”. Name the bag with the date of your testing session and your location, then choose “Create Bag”.

To begin testing create a

Once the bag is created you will fill it with test samples, then “Close Bag” when you are finished, or “Re-open Bag” if you need to add more test samples, before “Requesting Processing” of the bag.

To add tests to the current bag use Onsite Activation.

Once you COVID test a person, “Activate” their profile with the Orange Button next to their name. Use the search box to find a persons name. Upon Activation a Pop-Up will ask you to enter the Barcode# from the COVID test sample tube. Use a Barcode scanner or type in the capital letters and numbers.

Several Screening Questions will appear.

Click “Next” and complete the following 3 demographic survey question boxes.

Several Screening Questions will appear.


Several Screening Questions will appear.


Several Screening Questions will appear.

Click “Process” to move to the next Employee for testing. Now that testing tube and that Employee are linked, so that results are accurate.

 Tests added to the current bag are considered linked to the Employee.

STEP 5: Complete COVID Testing Edit Bags

To make a correction to a barcode# or switch the testing tube that was linked, click “Relink” and scan or type a new barcode# in the Pop-up Box.

Tests added to the current bag are considered linked to the Employee.

Use the Relink Box to change test tubes.

When all testing is complete click “Close Bag” and note the FedEx tracking number if applicable.

If more changes need to be made, click “Re-Open Bag”. Make the changes then “Close Bag”.

Close Shipping Bag when Testing is Complete

STEP 6: Results by Bag

Use the Left Menu to select “Results” then select “Results By Bag”.

Use the Result By Bag Window to view Test Results

Using this window, you can click and “View” the results of any Employee/Patient who was tested in a particular Bag.

If a bag is empty and needs to be deleted, click an orange delete button.

Note: If you cannot find the Bag you seek, check the date “Range” near the top of the page next to “Location,” which must also be correct to find the Bag.

You can also find results under the “Employee” menu by clicking “View” History.

See which tests Employees have taken and their results.


Only use NEST test tubes.

Never cover the NEST barcodes.

Only write the DOB on the test tube.
(All other information is optional.)

Remember to “Close” the Shipping Bag.

After the bag is closed use the FedEx shpping labels provided to coordiate specimen pick-up.

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